Five Students Discuss Reality Programs and Their Portrayal of Women

Saturday morning 5 female students from Brenau University conducted a presentation titled “Reality Programs and Female Aggression and its Effect on Women’s Identity and Connection.”  The presenters were Bernadette Keith, Chenelle Morton, Kristin Reed, Anastasia Rose, and Rashida Wright. The women introduced three reality t.v. shows that are centered around women who live lifestyles that may seem to go against the grain of the societal norm. The television programs that were studied were “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” “Bad Girls Club,” and “America’s Next Top Model.”

In Real Housewives of Atlanta, the women are shown regularly engaging in physical altercations with other women and using vulgar language, all while engaging in a lavish lifestyle full of shopping sprees and live-in mansions. The students conducted focus groups using peers from their university as participants. The results from the focus groups showed how the participants envied the material wealth of the characters on Real Housewives of Atlanta but thought that their actions were a poor depiction of an average American housewife.

At the end of the session, the presenters conducted an open discussion to gather the opinions of the students and scholars in the room. Some offered suggestions for further research and many offered comments on the work that the girls did. What I found wonderful and inspiring is that the 5 Brenau students took it upon themselves to do this research and formulate the presentation. They searched numerous scholarly articles, conducted focus groups and compiled their findings to create their presentation. This was not a required assignment, but a project that showcased the true drive for knowledge that some students possess. The girls have not written a paper on this yet, but plan to do so soon. Follow them on twitter!







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One Response to “Five Students Discuss Reality Programs and Their Portrayal of Women”

  1. Andrews Says:

    Seems like this was an interesting panel. I look forward to seeing what they decide to do with the research.

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